HyPlus Health Type VRF

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The VRF unit adopts the high efficiency EVI system and cooperates with TICA's new inverter control and refrigerant system. The IPLV is up to 9.6, well above the target set by the national grade-1 energy efficiency. Together with TICA professional healthy environment integration solution, it can achieve efficient with four-layer filter to create a healthy indoor environment.

Technical Parameter

Wide Operating Range

• Cooling: -5~56℃.
• Heating: -27~26℃.
• Cooling performance increased by 15%; heating performance increased by 30%.

Full Inverter Energy Saving

• IPLV far exceeding national EEI level 1.
• No electric heater, cost reduced by 40%.
• Industry-leading 22HP single compressor and 34HP single module, cost reduced by 30%.

Self-Developed Drive Program

• Core technologies of inverter VRF.
• Substantially increased efficiency and reliability.
• Visible energy saving.